Greenhouse Delight Stock Photo

We grow the best peppers.

All our peppers are grown in greenhouse facilities monitored and controlled by computers to ensure the right combination of water, carbon dioxide, light, heat and ventilation.

We employ biological means to keep insects from interfering with the growing cycle of our peppers. Essentially we use good bugs to help us defeat the pests that try and make their home in any vegetable growing environment. This means we don’t need to spray chemicals to kill insects which means no harmful chemicals enter the food chain.

When the time is just right, dozens of pickers descend upon the crop and harvest only those peppers that are perfect for the kitchen counter. Every peppers is hand picked then boxed and leaves our facility within 24 hours. No sitting around waiting for someone to decide where they need to go.

The peppers you buy from us are fresher and thus have a longer shelf life. This translates into less waste which lowers your overall food costs. You are entitled to expect the best from us and that’s what you will get. We guarantee it.

As we grow only hydroponic produce we make little impact on the environment. All excess water is recirculated and used again, not lost into the soil or into the air via evaporation. We are careful stewards of the earth and guard its fragility with respect.

Our system also means we use less land to grow the same volume thus our yield is much  higher. This means our footprint is smaller and our overall impact on our fragile planet is much less.